Fall/Winter 2007

No. 24

Cover Art

Desiree Herrero





J.P. Moore



Robert Barminski Two Poems

Rebecca Brown

To Pass
Richard Alan Bunch Beneath the Art

Lucas Carpenter

Two Poems

Sandra M. Castillo

Paddling on Loch Ness in a Borrowed Boat

Allan Douglas Coleman

Julianna Maria Conti Moon

Holly Day

Two Poems

Krikor N. Der Hohannesian

Two Poems

Richard Dinges, Jr.

Two Poems

Sharron Doyle

Two Poems

James H. Duncan

The Comforts of History
Rod Farmer Two Poems
Kathleen Flowers El Chiste/The Joke
On Another Continent
Michael J. Frey If You Must Think of Her

Ed Galing

Two Poems

Karl Garson

Some Cats
Jason Gordon A Memory

Arthur Gottlieb

Two Poems
Melanie Graham 1. At the FBI Conference, a Poet Studies Sexual Sadism

Jonathan Greenhause

Chance Encounter with My Grandfather

John Grey

Three Poems
Dawnell Harrison Fighting the Undertow
Alysha S. Hazzard A Poisoned Lie
Aaron W. Hillman Two Poems
Maria Rachel Hooley Two Poems


Digest of a Soul

Taj Jackson


Hugh Jones

Cat Walk
May R. Kingsolving Letter to Emperor Li Shih-min
Caitlin Krause Mending
Jennifer Lagier Three Poems
Sophia Launbredt Miracles

Wm. Kelley Lynn

My Name in the Rain

Mordecai Marcus

Two Poems
Herbert W. Martin Five Exercises for Guitar
Janet McCann Metronome
Scott Mulrane Hunting Quail With a Crossbow
Eric Obame Sink
Kenneth O'Keefe A Sonnet to be Read Upon my Death

Karen R. Porter

Reading Rejection Slips
James Proffitt Exile
Doug Ramspeck The Five Rivers Theme Park
Melissa Reeser Birthday Poem for Dad
Bill Roberts The Downside to Overachievement

Dennis Saleh

Ingredients for Sleep of Six Days

Patricia O. Simmons

Two Poems
Michael Thomas Among Sequoias
Roibeard Ui-neill Three Poems
Chris Volkay QWERTY
Rachael Wang As I Grew Up
J.T. Whitehead The Trouble With Forms
Gerald Zipper America the Great
Central Coast Writers (CCW) Contest  
Laura LeHew, Poetry Winner The Truth
Michael Thomas, Fiction Winner The Statue of Giordano Bruno
Poetry Finalists  
Margaret J. Hoehn Only Ghosts are Here
Allison Joseph Ruin: A Definition
Donna M. Marbach Desert Shrine
Melissa Reeser The Story
Book Review  
Dan Linehan Return of the Condor Lets the Feathers Fly: Bullets and Bureaucrats Remain as the Greatest Threats to Recovery Efforts
River Tabor SUPEROWL
  Notes on Contributors