Two Poems by Ed Galing

The Scandal

and so it came to pass
that my nephew Bill
he of the tattoos
the one who ran away
from home at an early
    joined the circus
sowed his wild oats
with other wives,
before he settled down
with his latest,
the beautiful Reena,
who came from Bulgaria,
tall, stately, and
very young,
      Bill was at least,
twenty five years older,
than she,
     and we all wondered the
usual how and why of it
    was she just another
bauble, another conquest,
like the tattoos he had
all over his body,
    would there be room
for another name on his
forearm, or back of his
head, for her name ?
    inwardly we all envied
him his mighty conquest,
the envy at family get
    while neither one of
them were at all effected
by all this furor of an
older man, with a younger
 they went their
own way doing what comes
    slightly bemused by all
the unwanted notoriety
in the family,
    waiting for the next chapter.
Nursing Home I was standing on a chair close to the window where my wife was lying in the bed, in the nursing home, trying to hang up her photograph when she was twenty one years old: I wanted this photo of her to be just right; so that everyone who entered the room would see how beautiful she was then, and was still my wife watched as I finished squaring it off, and said softly , is that me? Yes, honey, I replied that was you sixty years ago; I got off the chair, and we both looked up at this young girl with brown hair, full red lips, a brilliant smile, a honey of a girl, and my wife frowned, and said, I really looked good there, didnít I? I nodded, and the woman in the other bed, who had been watching, remarked, you are one pretty girl in that photo, a Hollywood queen, she sure was, I nodded, leaning over I kissed my wife and whispered, I will be back tomorrow, honey, itís almost bedtime . . my wife turned her head to the pillow, and closed her eyes, I said goodbye to her and the other woman, and walked out the door trying not to let anyone see me crying. Ed Galing