The top left of your
word processor, you will find the
letters QWERTY.

Under your fingers
A-S-D-F and J-K-L-: .
Why? Why would those numbskulls put
Those letters under our fingers instead of
say, A-E-I-O-U and U-R-S-T, the five vowels
and the often used R,S,T.
You could type much faster with vowels
under your fingers.

They did it on purpose, to slow us down.
When they first built typewriters the
machinery was rather poor. Fast typists
had the habit of over-heating the equipment,
breaking it. So they configured

Our brains were made the same way.
Darwinian evolution is a form of QWERTY.
Not the neutral part, but the
interplay of emotions. They serve
as our brakeman. Whenever our brains
make a mistake and begin
soaring toward the light, our
emotions, our superstitions, our
fantasies, act as the torches that
burn our waxy wings of thought
as we go hurtling back to
the earthly realm of the spirits and
superstitious seas.

As science, genetic engineering, and
transhuman research moves on, we will
be able to change the letters
both under our fingers, and within
ourselves, to A-E-I-O-U-R-S-T.
And you’ll continue ranting like
presidents as you go
plunging into the Aegean.

Chris Volkay