Two Poems by Robert Barminski

Our house was on 83rd Court in Hickory Hills
A gnome lived in the attic
we lived downstairs.

By the lilac tree
a cistern full of deep watery sounds
covered with a metal plate
too heavy for us to move.

I laid on the cistern
and pressed my ear against the cool steel
and listened
to the drips and hums of a dark underworld.


Down Canyon Breeze

By the yellow back porch light
I wrote you a love song
to reach deep
into your heart
and the heart of the prison
that holds you
close as I want to.

A song to touch you
like a warm down canyon breeze
after the heat of day
that ripples the calm water
soft as I want to.

A day and another day
and another day less
until we hold you
bless this day
and one day less.

Robert Barminski