No. 31



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Don Monkerud  

The Modern Age



William Hastings   The Ballad of Omie Wise
John Paul Rollert  

The Passing of the Spoon

Elizabeth Silverman   Meat
John Laue   Dick's Liquors
John Abbott   Two Poems
Kate Aver Avraham   Three Poems
Mary Jo Balestreri   Three Poems
Cathy Barber   Your Porn Star Name
Laura Bayless   Three Poems

Christian Briano

  Sleeping Giant
Richard Alan Bunch   Two Poems
Alan Catlin   Three Poems
Joan Colby   Two Poems
Michael Patrick Collins   My Soul Discusses the Iceman I Saw On My Walk Home From Work
Robert Cooperman   Three Poems
Jon Damacher   Excerpts from Green
Holly Day   Kawa-uso
Frank De Canio   Aphra Behn's
Darren C. Demaree   Three Poems
Jacqueline de Weever   Three Poems
Richard Dinges, Jr.   Three Poems
Lynn P. Elwell   Rust-Belt Rinpoche
Jean Esteve   A Wintry Summer Song
Mike Farran   Three Poems
Rod Farmer   Luck
John Grey   Three Poems
Cristine Gruber   Two Poems
Dena Rush Guzman   It's Strange That Everything Dies
Christine Hamm   Three Poems
Lynn Hansen   Two Poems
Danielle Hanson   Two Poems
Nancy Haskett   Two Views From a Car Window
Victor Henry   Three Poems
Dennis Herrell   Two Poems
Simon Hunt   Two Poems
Jennifer Lagier   Definition
Lyn Lifshin   Three Poems
George Lober   Three Poems
Ellaraine Lockie   Absolution
Richard Luftig   Two Poems
Arlene Mandell   Three Poems
Joanna Martin   Three Poems
Gene McCormick   Three Poems & Art
Karla Linn Merrifield   Imagine a Holy-Roller Hyphen Revival First Hand
Christopher Mulrooney   Three Poems
Robert Nielsen   Three Poems & Photography
Stanley Noah   Two Poems
Simon Perchik   Poems
Dan Phillips   Three Poems
Dr. James Piatt   His Last Rhyme
Cathy Porter   Three Poems
Charles Rammelkamp   Three Poems
Bernice Rendrick   Three Poems
Marina Romani   Two Poems
Linda Scheller   Three Poems
d.n. simmers   Three Poems
Lee Slonimsky   Two Poems
Paul Smith   Give Me No Books
Jane Stuart   Page of Shadows
Maria Garcia Teutsch   Not the Sound a Drum Makes
Patrice Vecchione   Three Poems
Mark Vogel   Three Poems
Patricia Wellingham-Jones   Three Poems
Kari Wergeland   Three Poems
A.D. Winans   Three Poems


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