Front Cover of Spring 2017 Homestead Review


Spring 2017

No. 37

Editorial Staff:

Maria Garcia Teutsch, Editor in Chief

Dr. Jennifer Lagier Fellguth, Co-Editor

Cover Photo

by Don Monkerud
Will Walton Shucking an Oyster



Laura Bayless Three Poems
Lana Bella Two Poems
Richard Alan Bunch Two Poems
Alan Catlin Three Poems
Robert Cooperman Three Poems
Richard Dinges, Jr. Three Poems
Mike Faran Three Poems
John Grey Reunions
Cleo Griffith Two Poems
Carol Hamilton Like the Surprise of Spring
Janis Harrington Three Poems
Victor Henry Three Poems
Ellaraine Lockie Three Poems
Richard Luftig Two Poems
Gene McCormick Three Poems & Paintings
Karla Linn Merrifield Two Poems
B.Z. Niditch Two Poems
James Owens Two Poems
Alice Pettway Three Poems
Cathy Porter Three Poems
Marina Romani In Black and White
Linda Scheller Two Poems
Loretta Diane Walker Two Poems
Patricia Wellingham-Jones The Man With 400 Cats
Stephen Jarrell Williams Flower Power
Contributors Biographies of Contributors

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