Spring/Summer 2007

No. 23

  The Editor Thanks
  Letter from the Editor
Emily Santner The Homestead Review Goes Pop!
Krystal Simpson Backcover, Untitled
Ben Fink Shapiro Three Photographs
Paul Desmond Cover, Two Pieces
Judy Simpson Big Sur Infrared
Angelo Amadio Big Sur-Rocky Point
C.T.G. American Youth
CCW Winners  
Allison Joseph The Actual Tongue
Michael Thomas Unfazed by the Danger of Sniper Fire
Marian Kaplan Shapiro Repetitive Dream
Robert Walton Feelin' Cheap This Morning
J.D. Blair Charlotta's Wake
Poetic Voices Winners  
Laura Dietrich-Smith What Bothers Me
Sara Villagrana San Diego 1974
Karina Young Ode to Her Hands
Andrew Bann Whiskey Tango Fox Trot
Katey Ball Sea Lion Serenity
Kristen Ramirez Two Poems
Carter Wolf Del Rosario Fatal Annotations
Krystal Simpson Iconic
Julia Croon A Letter to Debbie Brown
Krishtine de Leon The Aftermath
Colin Stutz Green Tea, I Want Some
Andrew Bann Peeking into Web2.0 Culture
Tika Milan Two Poems
Calvin W. Johnson Continental Drift to Sleep
Diana Raab Luggage
Carol Frith Laundromat
Jennifer Lagier Blood Oranges
Shari O'Brien Two Poems
William Beyer The Letter
J.W. Major Rita Cortini
E.G. Burrows The Long Nights of Siberia
Susan H. Maurer Icelandic Natural Disasters
Jeffrey Alfier Offloading the Wounded
Gabriel Bravo Hairpins Incognito
Jack Granath This Is Not a Dream
Darrell Epp Stab
Fred Longworth Two Poems
John T. Trigonis Two Poems
Denise Cabrera Two Poems
Patrick Carrington Two Poems
Ariono'-jovan Labu' Two Poems
B.Z. Niditch Panic Attacks
James Arthur Anderson Two Poems
Elliott Ruchowitz-Roberts Three Poems
Beth Elderkin The Pause
Robert Barminski III Two Poems
Maria Garcia Tabor Two Poems
Dan Linehan Three Poems