Spring/Summer 2006

No. 21

Cover Art:

Jim Gavenus


Megan Lee

Allison Joseph

Krys Jagger

Maria Garcia Tabor

Seana Graham

Charles Schubert

Megen Lee

M.K. Shapiro

Anne Callahan

S. Kay Murphy

Frank Anderson

Maria Garcia Tabor

Kathryn Petruccelli

El Pato de Montes Aztlan

Bob Barminski

Jennifer Lagier

Illia Thompson

Simon Perchik

Gary Fleming

J.L. Young

Oscar Grijalva

William “Wild Bill” Taylor

Wendy Fernandez

Fabiola Garcia

Simone Thompkins

Krys Jagger

Oscar Grijalva

Joe Carusi

Ellaraine Lockie




Ain't Riding for Pepsi


Chinese Lesson

Bringing Home the Books

Kiss Kiss: An Ode to America

4 Iggy Pops

Unless Soul Clap Its Hands and Sing

Two Poems



Two Poems

Two Poems

Buffalo Plains

Recipe for 21st Century Women

Three Poems

Washington Street Corrido

Two Poems

Two Poems

August In Big Sur

The Earth Dazed from Thirst

Learning to Sculpt My Life


Without a Rhyme

What Kind of Medic Was I

No Twisted Bones


Process of Birth

Fur Coats and False Lashes

Porque Le Clavaron

Two Poems

Walk with Earthworms