Spring/Summer 2005

Cover Art:

Jim Gavenus


Tad Wojnicki 


Victor Villaseñor

Kathryn Petrucelli

Martin Dodd

Lindsey Bertomen

Kenneth O'Keefe

Doug Arnold

Saba Syed Razvi

Wilf Higgins

Carol Hamilton

Jacqueline de Weever

Peter Layton

Arthur Gottlieb

John Nimmo

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Toshiaki Komura

W. Dale Nelson

Nicole Lynskey

Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts

Jennifer Lagier

Allston James

Maria Garcia Tabor

Bill Minor

Circo Award Winning Poets: Allison Amor

Allison Matulich

Bob Barminski

Melissa Reeve

David Gitin

Greg Perkins

Jim Maughn

Tom Marshall

Gary Fleming

River Atwood Tabor


Notes on Contributors



Wooden Checkers


Men Behaving Bookishly
Where the Oranges Grow

Autobiography of a Writer


The Hunt

Man No Face and the Prince

A Signature Picture

I Don't Like the Way You Say

Becoming Prodigal

Missed Librarian


The Sparrow-God


The Dead Do Not Forget

It's Real

One for the Muse

Recounting Days After . . .

Two Poems

These Poems

Woman and Lupine

Two Poems

The Mountain

First the Wind

Two Poems

Arms of Grace

Life Paint

Two Poems

Sky Burial

Three Poems


Three Poems

A Geography of Lemon Trees

Three Haiku

One Night I Caught a Few 100