Wingspan, cover of Spring 2016 Homestead Review


Spring 2016

No. 35

Editorial Staff:

Maria Garcia Teutsch, Editor in Chief

Dr. Jennifer Lagier Fellguth, Co-Editor

Cover Photo

Wingspan by Christopher Woods
Charles Curry


Joe Giordano

Just Like Him

Stephen Williams

Hollow Point



Poetic Voices 1st Prize Winners
Abigail Molina


Amanda Molina




Danny P. Barbare A Poem
Karla Cordero Three Poems
Holly Day A Poem
Mike Faran Three Poems
Rod Farmer A Poem
Ryan Quinn Flanagan A Poem
Carol Hamilton Three Poems
Lynn Hansen Three Poems
Victor Henry Two Poems

Karla Huston

Three Poems
Mercedes Lawry Three Poems
Lyn Lifshin A Poem
Emily Linstrom Two Poems
Ellaraine Lockie Two Poems
Ally Malinenko Two Poems
Gene McCormick Three Poems & Art
Michael Meinhoff A Poem
Tom Myers Three Poems
B.Z. Niditch A Poem
Anne Britting Oleson Two Poems
Simon Perchik Two Poems
Richard King Perkins II Two Poems
Cathy Porter Three Poems
Charles Rammelkamp Three Poems
Marina Romani A Poem
Danny Earl Simmons A Poem
Lee Slonimsky A Poem
River Atwood Tabor A Poem
Allison Thorpe A Poem
Kelley Jean White Three Poems
Stephen Jarrell Williams A Poem
Martin Willitts Jr. Three Poems
Don Monkerud Three Photos
David J. Thompson Two Photos
Alexis Rhone Fancher Two Paintings
Contributors Biographies of Contributors


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