No. 33



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Don Monkerud  

The Girls of Mazatlan



Cristine Gruber   Whiskey and Reds
Lee Slonimsky   Almost Mugged by Abraham Lincoln
Asnia Asim   Your Garden
Barbara Brooks   Three Poems
Richard Allen Bunch   Three Poems
Jeff Burt   Two Poems
Valentina Cano   Three Poems
Alan Catlin   Three Poems
Joan Colby   Three Poems
Emily Cornish   Three Poems
Mike Faran   Alone in America
Rod Farmer   Two Poems
Claire T. Feild   Four Poems
Marc J. Frazier   Getting Over It
Mary Galvin   Two Poems
Cleo Griffith   Three Poems
Nancy Haskett   Two Poems
Victor Henry   Three Poems
A.J. Huffman   Three Poems
Brandi Kary   Two Poems
Gene McCormick   Three Poems and Art
Michael Meinhoff   Two Poems
B.Z. Niditch   Charles Street Twins
Robert Nielsen   Four Poems and Art
James Owens   Three Poems
Simon Perchik   Three Poems
Richard King Perkins II   Three Poems
Cathy Porter   Three Poems
Gordon Preston   Three Poems
Charles Rammelkamp   Three Poems
Marina Romani   Missed Call
Vera Schwarcz   Two Poems
d.n. simmers   Two Poems
Gillian Wegener   Three Poems
Stephen Jarrell Williams   Three Poems
Yuan Changming   Two Poems
Poetic Voices 1st Prize    
Bradley Amestoy   The High, The Mighty


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