No. 27



River Tabor

Cover Art

Adaptation from Christine Hamm collage

CCW 2010 Writing Contest Winners:



Linda Barnhart Epoch
Patrick Cahill After Louis Zukofsky
Allston James One Good Thing
Carolyn Kleefeld Four Poems:
A Different Kind of Food

The Garden of Love
Exotic Nourishment
A Silkworm of an Artist
Sharon Charde What I Saw in the Snow
Francisco X. Alarcón Two Poems:
Ars Poetica

Poema Vida/Life Poem
Elias Rodriguez The Swan
Christine Hamm Three Poems:
Landscape at Night With Bed and Fire
Invisible Animals Crowd Round Your Face
Melanie Graham Four Poems:
Farrah, Red Swimsuit Poster

Water Fountains, 1951

Postcard, Cairo Illinois, 1909

Letter to the Face of a Lynched Housemaid, 1946
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen Things
Anthony Sawicki Two Poems:
Foreign Policy
Five-Course Meal
Steven Beauchamp Roll Call
Arthur Gottlieb In the Barracks
Steve R. Benson Two Poems:
The Birthplace of Art

A Catcher Meets His Muse
Larsen Bowker Naked Love of the Hunter
May R. Kinsolving To the Ghost of Sung Yi
B.Z. Niditch December Days
John Jansen For His Poetry
Gene McCormick The Relationship
Dennis Herrell One Note is Not a Song
J.E. Bennett Two Poems:
On the Road
Jackie Langetieg I Watch the Pregnant Woman at the Next Table
Jean C. Howard The Morning My Mother
Jimmy Burns The Poet Swallows Anger
Joseph Hart I Am Cold But Not Unkind (a fragment)
John P. Kristofco Black
Len Blanchard Three Poems:
Bumper Sticker Poem

Getting Rhythm

Technology Driven
Paul David Adkins Poem to Movie Extras
Roger Cowin Women With Children
James Maughn Two Poems:
Depression Lullaby

"In American Pants, the Machine is so Real"
Chris Volkay The Ten Ignoble Truths
Martha Modena Vertreace Two Poems:
Back Porch Haircut: Pantoum

Cat Ice
Philip Wexler Three Poems:
The Sad Parade of Big Candles


Modigliani is Bread
Richard Dinges Cuckoo Clock
Cynthia Cruz Three Poems:

Radio Swamp

Three A.M.
Notes on Contributors