No. 28






  Katie Cloutte
  Christine Hamm; Adaptation, Jehan Velara

CCW 2011 Writing Contest Winners:



Martin Dodd Cold Turkey
Short Stories  
John L. White Grackle Trap
James Sievert Valley Oak
Patrick Cahill These
Poetry Finalists  
Rochelle Arellano Full Moon
Zachary Asher October Asylum
Librada Anna Flores-Martinez And You Don't See Me
Valerie Wallace And the Poem Stays
Zack O'Neil Work Breaks
Charles Renning Three Poems
Kate Duval Three Poems
Richard Jay Shelton The Break Up
Susan H. Maurer Caspar
Julie Titus Fields Filled With Strength
David Lawrence My Drug of Choice Was Cocaine
John F. Buckley & Martin Ottma Yooper Trails
Holly Day Two Poems
Slobodanka Strauss Three Poems
William Beyer A Father's Death
Jeffery C. Alfier Juvenile Court
Librada Anna Flores-Martinez Slumber Deep Poverty
John Sandoval Uncle Joe
Gene McCormick Chinatown After Hours
Christopher Fog The Sound of Falling Rain
Ed Romano Sometimes
Marina Romani Late Summer Sunlight
Christine Hamm Three Poems
Sandra Meek Two Poems
J.T. Whitehead Two Poems
Michael Meinhoff Words With a Spoke
J.E. Bennett Roads
Dan Guerra Two Poems
Ariana D. Den Bleyker Origami
Francesco Levato Three Poems
Jennifer Lagier Fellguth Three Poems
Notes on Contributors