No. 26

Cover Art

Christine Hamm



Robert Detman



Central Coast Writers

(CCW) Writing Contest

Winner, Poetry

Susan Florence

Finalists, Poetry

Lisa Minacci

Maria Ercilla

Mary Anne Anderson

Winner, Fiction

Michael Nassberg

Finalists, Fiction

Monica Woelfel

Dominique Maldonado

Natalie K. Wendt



Eileen Kennedy

Brian C. Felder

Dorothea Kewley

John Grey

John Kay

Patricia Merrifield

Laura LeHew

J. Javier Zamora

Christine Hamm

James Duke

Gerald Zipper

David Velazquez

Randy Chavez

Andy Jones

Laura Buermann

James Cushing



Haitian Girl


Robin Gaines

Central Coast Writers (CCW)  
Contest Winner, Fiction
Meg Tinsley

Balcony Game
Contest Winner, Poetry
Nicole Gulotta

La Jolla
Finalists, Poetry  
Margaret J. Hoehn Tourist Season
Eileen Apperson Electrofishing Sturgeon, Kootenai Lake
Julia Garcia 7 am
Marina Romani Encounters
Jeannine Tupper Night Shadows
Apollo Poetry Soft Things
Finalists, Fiction  
J.D. Blair The Mourning Circle
Lele Dahle Anastasia
Sarah E. Lowe Office Supplies

Faith Webster Award

Aileen Pioquinto The American Dream
Joey Zapata Lost Between Sedgwick Ave. & L.A.
Poetic Voices Winners  
Christine Castro, 1st Place Hard Liquor Love
Allan Gutierrez, 2nd Place Generating Together
Michelle Pacheco-Espinoza, 3rd Place Final Act of Houdini
Aileen Pioquinto, 4th Place Heart Attack
J.L. Riddle, 5th Place Lunchbox

Brandi Walker

Preventing Gender-Based Violence Among Displaced Women in Sub-Saharan Africa


From Students At Benjamin Franklin High School, Los Angeles, CA

Herman Arciniega Mal Grados
Linda Salazar Problema
Marl Guillen & Charles Delira Magician's Dream

Steven Saldana


Miguel Solorio

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld Three Poems

Jennifer Lagier

Two Poems
Joan Colby The Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Robert Demaree

November Songs

Tobi Cogswell

Two Poems

Robert Arthur Reeves

Ray Succre The Rampant Gust

James Doyle

Two Poems

Judith Ann Levison

Three Poems

Dan Pettee

Mahdy Y. Khaiyat How To Behave In An Earthquake

Shari O' Brien

What A Fragment Is
Jane Stuart Two Poems
Tamara L. Earley Three Poems

Virginia Aronson

Two Poems

Calvin W. Johnson

Two Poems
Robert Parham About Things
Chris Volkay Writing As Architecture
Karina Young Two Poems
B.Z. Niditch Two Poems
Wendy Lee Women and their Bombs

Carol Hamilton

Two Poems

Desiree Herrero

From the Inside Looking Out
  Private Resort
  The Kelp Dragon of Carmel
Notes on Contributors